bacon of the world

May 26, 2009

self explanatory:


  • Albanian- proshutë
  • Arabic- لحم الخنزير المقدد
  • Bulgarian, Ukrainian- becon
  • Catalan- cansalada
  • Chinese (simplified) – 熏猪肉;咸猪肉
  • Chinese (traditional)- 燻豬肉;鹹豬肉
  • Croatian, Serbian- slanine
  • Czech, Slovak- slanina
  • English, Filipino, French- bacon
  • Estonian- peekon
  • Finish- pekoni
  • German- schinkenspeck
  • Greek- μπέικον
  • Hebrew- בייקון
  • Hindi- बेकन
  • Hungarian- szalonna
  • Italian- pancetta affumicata
  • Japanese- ベーコン
  • Korean- 경찰
  • Latvian- bekons
  • Lithuanian- šoninė
  • Polish- boczek
  • Romanian- kaizer
  • Russian- копченая свиная грудинка
  • Spanish- tocino
  • Thai- เบคอน
  • Turkish- domuz pastırması



  1. >_>b Best blog entry posted on the internet.

  2. You’re ridiculous and I love it. I’m glad I found out how to say “bacon” in Chinese. I didn’t see a lot of it there, however, so I guess this is more for my own self-satisfaction than anything else. Oh, and “Filipino” is called “Tagalog.” At least the last time I checked. Bacon needs to be swift and precise, like a ninja. Now it knows its destination.

  3. Bacon Explosion

  4. I just want to say that your blog is frikkin’ awesome.

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